- Interview and words Keba Robinson , All photos by Skye Skjelset

Keba: How do you say your last name?
Skye Skjelset: It's tricky... Sort of like "Sk-yell-sette" or something.

K: Are you the chief documentor in Fleet Foxes?
SS: Nah, not really... I do happen to take an annoying amount of photos, but I know Casey really likes to take photos of landscapes. He's a real Ansel Adams with his phone.


K: How did you start taking photos?
SS: I had been bringing disposable cameras with me almost everywhere. I went for a few years and taking photos, but I bought my first real SLR in London a couple years ago. Our tour manager at the time took me to a place called Mr. Cad's in south London and helped me pick out a camera. He was showing me all of these amazing photos he has taken over the years while on tour and it really got me inspired.

K:  I see you've worked in 35mm as well as 120 film, do you have a preference?
SS: I find 35mm to be easier to work with, but I wish that I used 120 more often. I have a few different 35mm SLR's, but only one 120, which is kind of hard to use. I'd really like to get a better medium format camera, but they are just so expensive! Still, 120 has such a beautiful look.

Morgan Henderson

J Tillman

Robin Pecknold

K: Do you prefer taking pictures of people or city/landscapes?
SS: Definitely people. I feel like it's brutally obvious answer, but I really enjoy how engaging it is to take photos of humans. Even in a snap shot, you can capture something about a person that is so specific to that moment. I like shots of still things as well, but I feel like it takes a lot more finesse to capture something evocative. It's not really a talent of mine, I guess.

K: Where is your favorite place that you have been photographically?
SS: Venice was incredibly beautiful, but I have always found Japan to be so mesmerizing. The juxtaposition between the rolling countryside to the density of the cities is unbelievable.

Christian Wargo

K: Do you engage in any other creative things besides of photography and music?
SS: Not really, no. I enjoy studying language, but I wouldn't say that's inherently creative.

K: What do you think of Brooklyn compared to Seattle?
SS: I've really enjoyed living in Brooklyn a lot. Seattle is and always will be my home, but I really enjoy all the people and happenings that go on in Brooklyn. There is always something to do and things to see. Also, riding a bicycle in New York is one of the greatest things I think a person can do in there life, which is something I would always miss if I moved away. I find that in Seattle, I have a tendency to be sitting in bars a lot at night. Although, there is an incredible music scene in Seattle though, which I think no other city can compare to. It's so open and creative, musically.

K: There is a black and white picture on your site of a place filled with a bajillion guitars - where is that?!
SS: Trading Musician on Ravenna in Seattle.

K: What's the most memorable show you've ever played with Fleet Foxes?
SS: Chicago Theatre with the Walkmen was really amazing. Green Man Festival and Bestival were incredibly, too.

K: What music are you listening to at the moment?
SS: I've been listening to some things out of my norm lately, like Aztec Camera and Strawberry Switchblade. I've also been listening to a lot of the Cramps and the Walkmen's second record, Bows + Arrows. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to some Joni Mitchell, either.