Look Alike aka Malcolm Perkins

-Keba: Where are you from?
Look Alike: Charlottesville, Virginia

-K: What inspires you?
LA: Traveling, the weather changing.

-K:What was the first song you ever learned to play on the guitar?
LA: Some classical exercise on two strings. Then a handful of Nirvana songs probably—you know, the usual.

-K: What about the first song you ever wrote...and how did it come about?
LA: I wrote songs with my brother and a neighbor kid on cinnamon hill. They were about war and cryptic 90s kid stuff. “For us not THEM”

-K: Favorite records of all time.
LA: After the Gold Rush
Rubber Soul
Blood on the Tracks
Maggot Brain
All Things Must Pass
Keep It Like a Secret
There’s a Riot Goin On
The Return of the Durutti Column
The Soft Bulletin
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

-K: Any other form of creative expression besides music? Are those your paintings on your myspace?
LA: Yeah, the two other than the cy twombly. But my most recent project can be seen at youpostnow.blogspot.com It’s satire/theory. 

-K: How did Your Nature start?
LA: I met James through a writing workshop in VA when we were younger. I moved to New York for school and started playing with them (the brothers and John Frank). Then we wrote some new material.

-K: I think everyone kind of has that band that marked a turning point in their life...you know, those songs that you hear and they instantly BLOW your mind...what's the oldest and most recent incident of that for you?
LA: At an early age that happens every day, there are so many new sounds and moods--experiences to make certain bands or songs important whether hearing the songs in that way lasts or not. Recently listening to Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies has done that for me.    

-K: Have you ever played your Look Alike songs to an audience?
LA: Yes. I’ve played around the US. Mainly in the winter of 2006 when I was playing in other bands called The Extraordinaires and Lux Perpetua and opening with Look Alike stuff.

-K: Any artists that you like [filmmakers, photographers, painters, etc.]?
LA: I like Eric Rohmer’s films and most paintings—I have a lot to learn about photography. Too much to talk about here. Art is ultimately about ideas for me but I always try to remind myself to enjoy it sensually.

-K: What do you get out of playing music by yourself versus playing with the band?
LA: Playing with a band is about listening, learning to compromise, making something that is impossible alone and (hopefully) greater.