Brad Opposition, Pheonixville PA's Big Secret

Keba: Where do you reside and how old are you?
Brad Opposition: I live in a big, empty, plastic house with ten cats and a lazy dog in Royersford, PA and I'm 18 years old.

K: What were your influences growing up?
BO: Due to a series of concussions I don't remember anything before 4th grade. But after that, I was really influenced by punk, the squatting/freegan lifestyle, and society and its many flaws.

K: Have you ever been on tour or would you like to in the
BO: I've never been on tour, but I hope one day that I will be able to. I love traveling to new places.

K: Do you play all of the instruments in your
BO: Yes, unless my friends were there at the time of the recording, but they mostly play the other parts when I play live shows.

K: Do you express yourself in any other artistic
BO: I love to paint, graffiti and write poetry.

K: Your music expresses a wide range of sounds, very
dynamic, unlike most musicians who tend to stick to one
niche. Does that sort of versatility come naturally to
BO: I get sick of the same thing over and over again, sometimes I go through phases where every song I make sounds the same, and I get tired of it, so that's why it all sounds so different.

K: What have you been listening to as of lately?
BO: Lately I've been listening to Little Teeth, Animal Collective, Discharge, the Germs, Crass, and MF Doom.