Matteah Baim Interview

-interview by Jocelyn, photo is cover of  Matteah's record, Laughing Boy

Where did you make your current record, Laughing Boy?  Did your environment influence the music and lyrics?
I recorded it on the south side of Chicago. The building was right on
the river and next to a train bridge. When the train would cross the
river, there were some fantastic rhythmic collisions.

What kind of work have you done with your visual art?
The visual work has been a part of my life since I was a kid. It
changes all the time.

Is there a difference between the way you appraoch music an and
illustration creatively?
They ask for different things but both feed each other.

Who, living or dead, would you love to share a stage with?
I would like to play with Fats Waller.

You’ve lived in both New York and California.  Does each coast encourage a
different type of inspriation for any of your art?
Yes, I think you can't help but be influenced by your environment. The
Californian and New Yorkian inspirations have equally great and
differing flavors. But I think the New York one laughs a lot more at

Where is the most inspiring place that your art has taken you?
To the place you only get to when you love something.

Do you enjoy fairy tales or ghost stories?  I sometimes imagine walking in the woods on a cold, cold day awaiting eerie happenings when I listen to  your music.
I think I like adventure stories more.

Have you had formal training or is composing more like an exploration?
A while ago you were in the soft-metal band Metallic Falcons with Sierra Cassady (Coco Rosie). 

I am really intriged by the music. How would you
describe the sound of soft-metal?
It is the melody of metal expanded sideways instead of vertically
through volume.

How did the two of you approach the concept of a soft-metal?   Where did you draw inspiration for those kinds of sound scapes?
It came from a very natural love of that heavy sound.

Are you and Sierra fans of metal music?
I have been going to see more black metal bands lately.

Are there any musicians who you haven’t collaborated with but would love to?
so many..

ave you got any ideas for the record after Laughing Boy?
Yes, very much so.. there are things in the works. The music is moving
into some new places.

Scan from original H&L zine, photo by Lauren Dukoff