Seventeen Things I Love About Shows

--Photo and list by Keba

1.Getting there early, waiting in line, and listening to people’s conversations
2. Jumping
3.Forgetting about life
4.  Singing with everyone
4. Closing your eyes and feeling it
5.   Being right up front near the speakers and having tinnitus for the next two days
6.Meeting stinky drunk folks is funny
7.Feeling the ground vibrate
8.Knowing all the words
9.Not caring about personal space
10.The few days before the show when you’re completely daydreaming, 24/7, about what it will be like
11. Not listening to the band on purpose because you want the songs to feel new
12. When they’re under $lO.OO, or free, or unexpected…unexpected is the best
13. Everyone is on the same page
14. When the band/artist plays the one song that everybody knows - including the new fans - and then there’s sort of an instant surge of energy - like someone turned on a switch
15. When they play your favorite song
16. When you spend 15 minutes yelling for an encore, think they’re not coming back out, but they do
17. Feeling like everyone else in the city is obviously having a night that is 15% amazing while yours is 170% amazing