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This is a time capsule for you to dig through, a collection of interviews, musings and other things that felt important at the time.

Hook and Line was compiled between the years 2008 and 2013, mostly throughout the teenage years of Jocelyn and Keba.  Looking back, this was very much a document of our evolving taste and us figuring out what we liked as youngins as we plowed through the archives of MySpace and a pre-Facebook blogosphere.  We were teenagers who wanted to pick the minds of people we admired.  It proves to be a very telling record of what we would end up doing in later years.

Hook and Line was a print zine (issues 1-4 were printed and distributed around Philly, LA and Portland) turned web zine turned blog.  You can see issues 01-08 in a magazine-like form here. Everything post Issue 08 just went on this blog, all the interviews we've ever done are on this blog too.  If you're interested in acquiring a print zine email kebarobinson@gmail.com.

We've grown old and found new toys. Our opinions have changed.

Was based in Brooklyn and Norristown, PA.

This started when Myspace was still a thing. This will be here forever.


KEBA ROBINSON/ CO-EDITOR/ WRITER - enjoys Blonde Redhead, the sound
of voices harmonizing, writing songsWalla FesttumblingSplit Level Records, oatmeal, 2:00, and being on the move. 

JOCELYN MOYE/CO-EDITOR/WRITER - enjoys Metal, long walks, moleskines, and  making super awesome jewelry and clothes.  

MIKAH SYKES/MIXTAPE MAKER: Born in the Pacific Northwest and raised amongst the hippies, trees, and counter culture of Eugene, Oregon. Nowadays is an encyclopedia of useless jazz information, and obsessed with astronomy, gastronomy, and botany.  

MICHELLE K./ILLUSTRATOR/WRITER:  Outspoken to a fault, forgives ugliness if only it was honest, thinks we need to laugh more, and goes to art school. I like gold, pizza and mice. 

RAZ ROBINSON/WRITER:  Likes books! Coffee. Guitar. Thinking really hard, smart people, M U S I C, my skateboard, going on walks, good thingssss ya know?