Grizzly Bear have a NEW SONG (yay!) & lets talk about summer

As I plunge deeper into summer, I am becoming a fan of all things David Lynch, Bjork, Flea Markets, Soko and Les Butcherettes .  I used to be one to hate the heat but I have come to enjoy the feeling of the sun on my skin even if it's blistering hot, something about it makes you feel present and exctied to go and do things.
& WOah...I mean, seriously, woaaah. I am IN LOVE with Grizzley Bear's new track Sleeping Ute. Words cannot express. Please do listen and feel the same way. That riff is exciting. I am excited, to say the least, to hear whatever it is that is going to come from their next record which is coming out on  SEPTEMBER 18 on Warped Records. I have always been a fan of their way of  "building" songs. It always feels like they're playing musical legos or jenga or something. So many layers. the rhythm, it's all so perfect.