What Are Your Favorite Things?

Hook and Line has been breathing for almost four years - and it all came from a couple of people choosing to write about their favorite art and music.
Our foundation is the exchange that happens when two people talk about their favorite things.
That said, we want to know what your favorite things are for our new video series. Send us a video of yourself talking about your favorite music and your favorite art...movies, books, places to buy movies or books, places to read, places to see shows, places to eat, places to hibernate, places to socialize, places to look, places to sleep etc. Tell us a few of your favorite things.
Send all submissions to HOOKANDLINEMAG@YAHOO.COM . 
Also, there are a few features coming up so stay tuned, well fed, warm and laughing. We hope to see your cyber faces soon.
By the way, have you listened to Beach House's new album yet? I think you should. It looks like this:

*peace love and cocoa beans