William Lemon III

Keba: Where are you from?
WL: I was born in San Jose, CA and grew up all around the bay area until I moved to Sacramento when I was 13.  I also lived in Iceland with my mother for a short time.

K: When did you know that you wanted to be an artist?
WL: I figured out I loved art when I was in cooking school and I was spending all my spare time doing art and found that my favorite parts of cooking were the artistic sides using colors smells and constructions to make food beautiful.

K: Does music help you when you're drawing?
WL: Usually I have no music on but sometimes I listen to books on tape and draw.

K: What kinds of things inspire your work?
WL: I'm inspired by strong visions and daydreaming of stories and scenarios. 

K: I notice that you have words to accompany some of the blockprints on your website. Do you draw based off of the writing or write after you have drawn...or both?
WL: I wrote first but sometimes its the opposite.

K: Besides art....do you do anything else that is creative?
WL: I write and play music. I am a make up artist. I direct music videos and I dance like a maniac.

K: Who are some artists that you look up to?
WL: I like my friend Kyle Ranson the most, but Keegan Mchargue and Devendra Banhart and Chris Johanson, Matt Worth, amazing friend, Daft Arts Productions, Bryce Kass, Tony Stone, M Blash, Animal Collective, Brian Degraw and Gang Gang Dance.

K: What are your least favorite mediums to work with?
WL: No least favorite, no favorite, just the most or least appropriate for the job.

K: What mediums would you enjoy experimenting with?
WL: Welding, choreography, deep sea film making, juggling, large format holographic projection and very large origami.

K: How did you get into body painting?
WL: Got into it through playing live music.  I would paint myself and my bandmates then I got offered some jobs from that.

K: would you ever consider taking up tattooing?
WL: I don't have any tattoos but I have designed some before.