Sleep ∞ Over

Deep down in the heart of Austin, Texas, special jumbles of energy have melded to create noisy, ghostly, and beautiful coagulations of sounds. For some reason, when I listen to these sounds, I envision a foggy cemetery with female zombies wearing long white dresses…and a very charming and welcoming patch of roses nestled at the center all of the spooky madness. Stefanie Franciotti (bass/drum machine/vocals), Sarah Brown (guitar/vocals), and Christa Palazzolo (vocals) are Sleep ∞ Over. - keba robinson

-Keba: How is your name supposed to be said? Sleep Over Forever or Sleep Forever Over...Or is it Sleep Infinity Over???
Sleep ∞ Over: The name is totally whatever, though we prefer just SLEEP∞OVER - the infinity sign is more eye candy then anything.

-K: Some of you have been in other has working on Sleep ∞ Over been different?
SO: We all sync up around the full moon and flip the fuck out.

-K: How did you girls meet/form?
SO: Sarah and Christa bro’d down as pre-teenagers in Austin, Stefanie met them after college.    

-K: Has it always been the same lineup?
SO: Yes.

-K: What types of instruments do you use? Sounds like lots of keyboards and what not...
SO: Akai AX 80 and 60, Casio RZ-1 drums and some crazy knock off Rickenbacker guitar and Matsumoku bass combo that was Stef’s dad’s.

-K: What are some things that you are constantly inspired by?
SO: Raging out on boyfriends, breaking up with girlfriends, fog machines, lasers, drugs, children, dreams, yoga, paint fumes, garbage, 2012, astrology, horses, the oil spill, coffee, resonance and cut off freq filters, knob tweaking, fat bass tones, tremolo.

-K: What artists are you girls influenced by?
SO: Our parents, the Solar System.

-K: It's interesting that you've released tapes...are you into vinyl and stuff?
So: Into reality.  Why would anyone buy a CD when you can download it for free?  If you care about hearing the song at its highest quality, holding it in your hands and keeping it forever, then buy the vinyl.   

-K: What have you been listening to these days?
So: Prince Rama, Pure Ecst. [Pure Ecstasy], Survive, Silent Diane, Psychic Violence, George Quartz, How I Quit Crack, Amasa Gana, Sea Cry, Soft Healer, Slow Jams.

-K:If you could collaborate with any musician that has ever existed, who would it be?
SO: Enya and Brahms...Brian Wilson, Gram Parsons or Mama Cass.

-K:Your music has this really interesting quality of being dark and spooky, but there's still something really sweet about it.....I feel like I just want to float in water or something. If I ever make a movie, Come Wander With Me will be in it.....Your music is really cinematic...Do you guys get any specific images in your head when you're playing?
SO: I wouldn’t say that we get images, if anything we are constantly trying to blank the fuck out and feel the groove.   A really good jam feels like meditating. The visual imagery is more inspiration and eye candy to pamper the mood, thus projections/fog are ideal at shows.

-K: What was your first show like?
SO: Really positive, it was at Awthum Fetht during SXSW this year.   It was a huge all day, all Texas shitter.  We were all so well practiced and nervous that it felt a little mechanical, but everyone there was really supportive.

-K: I enjoyed perusing your Tumblr...are you guys visual artists as well?
SO: Yes.  Christa is a painter/printer and Stefanie is a fibers artist.  Sarah is a straight up hoarder collector of all things.

-K: Any releases I should look forward to? Are you guys working on a full length or anything, or a more extensive tour?
SO: We’re touring this summer with Pure Ecst.  And we got some more 7” and a full length in the works.