Nick Jago

The painter, photographer, musician and former Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drummer has a lot going on.  He found a few minutes to tell us a bit about what he’s into these days.  I’ve spent a lot of time on his multi-functional MySpace ( checking his art and of course listening to his tunes. - Jocelyn

Jocelyn: To me your paintings have a haunting quality. In some ways they remind me of colossal Ansel Adams photos. Like they’re these landscapes in some far away place that I may possibly never see with my own eyes.  What mediums do you use?
NJ: In the past I used whatever is around, these days it’s been pens and charcoal and some paints

J: When you were a kid did you think you’d be a musician/artist when you grew up? If not what did you want to be?
NJ: No, spaceman

J: Who are your favorite artists?
NJ: Humble ones like Gerhard Richter, brave ones like Francis Bacon, passionate ones like Vincent Van Gogh, interesting ones like Damien Hirst

J: Do you have any musical inspirations?
NJ: Women, World affairs, Faith

J: What music are you into at the moment?
NJ: 20s cabaret

J: Are there any other forms of art that you enjoy or experiment with?
NJ: Illustration, photography, poetry, performance

J: If you had to pick between art or music which one would you choose? (well, they’re both art but if you had to pick one which would it be?)
NJ: Neither, I would just chant

J: But If you can’t choose one, what is it about each of them that you appreciate?
NJ: They are fulfilling, therapeutic, healing and soul freeing activities

J: Besides your own music project, have you been in any other bands besides BRMC?
NJ: Yes but I kind of like to think I’m in a band with everyone these days. I get such a good feeling from performing that I want everyone to feel it too.

J: I read somewhere that you’ve lived in Israel, England and America, which place is you favorite and why?
NJ: I grew up in Iran, Peru, Argentina and Venezuela up till the age of 7. I toured in Tel Aviv but didn't live there. I’m working on being comfortable wherever I am although I do feel at home in London, Dublin, Buenos Aires or San Francisco (my immediate family live there), I feel inspired in NY and Paris, LA has been a great place for my spiritual development and career. Osaka, Sydney, Maui. Maybe Maui is my favorite place to chill.