Lukask Wierzbowski


Keba: How did you start taking pictures?

Lukask Wierzbowski: My father introduced me to photography when I was 12. Later on I became more interested in making short movies with vhs cameras. It was only a few years ago that I came back to my roots and picked up photography again.

K: What makes a good photo?
LW: Good light and the right timing.
K: A common motif in your photos are women in strange, distant, almost corpse like positions...why do you find that you are attracted to those sorts of images?

LW: Putting women in strange situations gives me the opportunity to create a wide range of emotions. I like to observe how everything goes. It's kind of a game when I give small directions just to see how it develops.

K:What do you strive to explore with your photography?

LW: A few years ago I did a project based around urbanism and architecture called Picture Shop ( but I got bored with all the cold concrete, steel and glass so I started taking photos of people. I'm not trying to put any kind of formal limitations on my work, but the relation between people and their surroundings is what I'm trying to explore nowadays.

K: What are you inspired by?

LW: I'm mostly inspired by the people I love.

K: What are some of your other passions?

LW: Everything that involves the creative process has always been appealing to me (few years back I wanted to study architecture) but somehow I ended up studying psychology instead (two months ago I got Master of Arts in Psychology).

K: What music are you into this fall?

LW: Currently on a heavy rotation: Sam Prekop "Old Punch Card", Dungen "Skit i Allt" and Ray Lamontagne and The Pariah Dogs "God Willin” & “The Creek Don't Rise."