HARLEM - Someday Soon You'll be on Fire

-interview by Keba Robinson, photo by Coomers

How old were you when you started playing guitar? What was the first song you learned how to play & what was the first song you ever wrote?
Coomers: 13ish but I never really learned anything on it. I just started writing songs. The first one was called Zombies.  Jose- 12, Louie Louie/Wild Thing , first song he wrote was Cowboys Biscuits and Gravy.  Curtis- 5th grade, Come As You Are.  His piano teacher said it’s the worst thing ever, his first song was Unhappy Feeling Sappy.

Is Harlem the only band you have ever been in? Coomers: No, not at all, we have been in a bunch of other bands too.
Do you remember what the first Harlem show was like?  Coomers: More dogs than people in the audience

Is there a show that you guys have played that stands out in your memory as being really amazing? Coomers: Arcada, California in an huge old movie theatre to 6 people. It sounded amazing - we played 3 encores. We also just played another movie theatre in San Francisco for a girl’s super sweet sixteen. That was really cool too.

What's your favorite song to play live? Coomers: The Monster Mash.

Do you guys have any pre show rituals? Coomers: Our preshow ritual is to be late.

What song does the audience get most excited about? Coomers: Happy birthday cause there is usually cake at the end.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be? Curtis: college student Jose:robin Coomers:a girl

What music were you obsessed with when you were a teenager? Coomers:Popular

What music are you obsessed with now? Coomers: More popular

How is your tour with The Dead Weather going? Coomers: We're like the washington generals.

Which one feels more cathartic: drums or guitar? Coomers: Neither I don't really find music cathartic.

Is it hard to sing and play drums at the same time? Curtis:  Extremely difficult don't try it. Coomers: Nope.

Are there certain places that you find conducive to song writing?
Curtis: in the arms of a beautiful woman.  Coomers: not being touched (cause I'm goth.)