Photographer, John Kilar

We can all recall an instant where we felt an urge to venture into unknown territory. A moment where we contemplate walking to the fringes of society and off the grid.  Most of us never get a chance, for there are chores to be tended to, bills to be paid, groceries to be bought.  While going down the check list of things to do, the endless real world responsibilities, we daydream of  what it would be like to live in wonderland for a couple days, maybe even a week. To stumble upon the photos of John Kilar is to eavesdrop on a secret gathering of people who live the fruits of your time-watched imagination. I invite you to live vicariously through them. - Keba Robinson

?: Age/Location/Sign
John Kilar: 25/Venice/Gemini

?: What is your favorite thing about Venice,CA?
JK: I'm in love with the community I'm a part of. And the fact that I'm constantly surrounded by amazing artists and such eccentric characters. I've lived in many different places throughout my life but Venice feels like the one place I can relate to most. It's quite effortless to get inspired in this town. 

?: What made you pick up a camera?
JK: I wanted to share more of my everyday life and personal vision. I picked up a camera in 2010 to document my summer after moving across town. Discovering photography and a new city simultaneously turned out being a great combo. 

?: What do you love to take pictures of?
JK: I take pictures of whatever I find to be visually intriguing. Nature would probably be my favorite subject. I'm always in awe of its beauty. My photos are all taken spontaneously. I strive to capture precious moments in life. 

?: There is so much creativity in LA. Where do you like to go to hear music and see art?
JK: I like to stay local in Venice. The best art comes out of here in my opinion. I suppose the east side of town has a broader music scene but I'm always most impressed from what I hear and see locally. 

?: Do you engage in any other artistic endeavors?
JK: I dabble in acting and music from time to time.

?: Is your series "Metropolis" at Burning Man?! How was it? Did you show any art there?
JK: Yes it was from Burning Man in 2010. It was the 3rd straight year that I had attended. It was amazing as usual. A big beautiful blur. I didn't display any art. I was busy trying to ride a bike while frying my brain and somehow taking pictures. 

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