HOOK AND LINE | ISSUE 08 [the image issue] : featuring interviews with Neil Krug, Mel Kadel, Alexandra Valenti and Crista Leonard

Ahh! It's been so long since Hook and Line has put something out.  This time around we have decided to dedicate an issue to visual arts - our 'Image Issue'.


+The cover dude, Neil Krug.  you can spot his golden hued, vibrant colored photos from a mile away
+words with illustrator Mel Kadel
+Crista Leonard and her photos of large landscapes
+a mixtape made by none other than Portland musician Mikah Sykes, this guy has been supportive since day one. Listen to it here

By the way, if you are one of those people who enjoys holding physical copies of things, you can still purchase old issues of Hook and Line here from back when we printed.

- Keba and JM