Record Store Day!

Whoa, I'm so glad this didn't slip my mind (it almost did).  I hope you all are enjoying the sunshine and the showers (it's been quite rainy up here in Philly).  And if you didn't know already, today is RECORD STORE DAY.  This means,  you have an excuse to splurge on those few records that you've been wanting to buy for some time now.  I didn't get a chance to go to any of my local shops today, so I guess I'll take this as an opportunity to share what's been on heavy rotation. 

+Joanna Newsom, Ys (it's like an epic adventure, Monkey and Bear is my favorite)

+Warpaint, The Fool (hard to pick a favorite song, I think maybe Majesty, Shadows and Set Your Arms Down are good contenders)

+Pavement, Slanted and Enchanted (never gets old. Zurich is Stained it perfect.

By the way, you can read an interview I did with Eric Levin (co-founder of Record Store Day) here & I also did an interview with Mark Weinstein (co-founder of Amoeba record store chain) in issue 07.


p.s.  Issue 08 won't come out until June. Hold tight!