why don't more people know about this dude?

I'm always amazed my Mikah Sykes' music.  It's been a while since I've mentioned him on  this blog...it's about time I share the sounds again.  To be honest, he was a big inspiration for us in Hook and Line's formative days. He was the first person who enjoyed it and understood our vision.  His responses in my interview with him for Issue 01 are still some of my favorite's. Check it:

"I am fascinated by words and phrases that sound nice or fit together in an interesting way, like the way certain arrangements of words can sound sonically.  I am not talking about the literal meanings of phrases.  I am talking about how words can sound together.  Sometimes it’s as simple as the way people arrange their sentences in conversation, sometimes it’s a grammatical error in a sign or an email.  I write things like that down...I especially like it when people use tenses incorrectly but in such a way that it makes sense; when incorrect English sounds correct.  Also, as an amateur botanist, I am real inspired by plants.  Especially the plants that are native to where I am from.  There is some kind of faithful humility in the in-conspicuous flower, infinity of sorts that can be understood when one looks closely."
"I work on music when I feel like it. I pick up the guitar nearly everyday, but I only focus on a specific project when I’m inspired to do so – I try to never think about writer’s block or how productive I am musically. I will go for weeks or months without much musical accomplishment. I take advantage of these breaks to let go of the self imposed idea that I need to be constantly creating, or that my identity is somehow validated through being a musician. This is an idea that can kill creative clarity, and keep one from being real with themselves. I think it’s important to remember that music is for fun, for meditation. That’s why people started playing music in the first place. If you’re not having fun playing music you’re probably taking yourself too seriously."

You can hear more of his music here under National Forrest. This man is Portland's wonderful secret.

and this is a really really awesome song from Little Two's (Mikah & Emily Kokal)


p.s. The coalescence of Issue 07 is progressing slowly but surely. Mark your calendars for late December early January!!!