Slow Times

I'm tired of posting videos, but it's because we're working really hard on the next issue. This is the last time I will say this - the 6th issue of Hook and Line is coming out soooooon. Please believe me.
October is feeling really nice, and it was even nicer when I heard Warpaint's single Undertow on the radio. On the radio?! So good. This must be the gajillionth post where I have mentioned Warpaint - that's 'cause their music is really wonderful I can't wait until they come back to Philly. They're playing at the Miriam Theatre on the 4th (that's in two days), but I rather see them at a general admission spot where the tix aren't 35 dollars.  What can I say, I'm broke. 
Anyway, here's a really cool number by Atlas Sound. It's called Shelia. Talk about catchy - been humming like a bee lately.

And if you're interested - Warpaint's new record is up for pre-order. Order Now, or else.