HOOK AND LINE | ISSUE 06: features interviews with Olivia Locher, Ryan Sambol of The Strange Boys, Harlem, Lukasz Wierzbowski and more!

Today is 10/10/10. 10+10+10= 30....kinda cool cause this issue has 30 pages - that's craaazzzzzzy.
The autumn issue is probably the hardest one to crack open because this is the time of year when we get back into the school groove.  Nonetheless, we have to say, we are very happy with how this issue turned out.  Not only is it filled with fantasitcal articles and pictures, we met Ryan Sambol from The Strange Boys at Kung Fu Knecktie and we have an amazing cover shot by none other that Ms. Olivia Locher herself.  Also, Olivia Locher and Lukasz Wierzbowski are the first photographers that Hook and Line has ever featured. 

Read and See the magic here. enjoy!
 -Jocelyn and Keba (editors of Hook and Line)