the best videos on the interweb | Kurt Vile - "My Best Friends" & "Dead Alive"

As one might have presumed from my reviews in Issue 05 - I am currently getting back into a fall 2009 obsession of mine - Childish Prodigy by Kurt Vile.  A couple of seconds ago, I was scouring the web for Kurt Vile vids and I came across a song I have not heard yet: "My Best Friends" (courtesy of Big Ass Lens):
I also came across another good one called "Classic Rock in Spring" (I believe it's off of his first record, Constant Hitmaker). I don't know what it is but there's something really comforting and trance-like about the way he delivers vox on that track. It's like he's holding back but giving everything at the same time.Totally unique. Totally Kurt Vile. And of course, there is always, my faaaavorite song right now and always, "Dead Alive":