Mikah Sykes - "Oceanic Beloved (for the Gulf of Mexico)" MP3

A song and some words from Mikah:
"Just a bit of history of what is going on with this new music: I am highly influenced by Ornette Colemans "harmolodic" music style (late '70's early '80's). i.e. One or many different keys and/or tempos that through sonic sensitivity, end up being in the same key/tempo, if you let them be so, in your head. You'll notice in the different movements of the song, the layers reference different keys and tempos but somehow lock together, through common notes within differing keys. You can apply a major key guitar riff over another major key guitar riff, and the song will suddenly sound minor, depending on the keys you reference. Its nerdy for sure, but mostly accidental, in my own defense...I am horrible at music theory, and I am totally serious when I say that."
"Being raised Christian, now agnostic (i hate labels, but...), I've always been fascinated with gospel music. I make a reference here at sounding church-y. Lord knows, if they got one thing right (the church-people), it was the music - from born agains to black baptists, they really feel it when they sing the music."
"This song works best with headphones."
this is just a tiny sneak peek of Mikah's new work in National Forest (him + Willis Ransom):

Oceanic Beloved (for the Gulf of Mexico)