Fullhouse: Anything But the Olsen Twins pt I

About a week ago, I realized that Diane Cluck was going to play a show at a place called Fullhouse Gallery in Philly. I jumped at the opportunity, and went, solely in hopes of taking some pictures for her feature in the next issue (yes, Diane Cluck will be in the next issue of Hook and Line!)

Anyways, I got way more than that. Fullhouse Gallery is like nowhere I have ever been in my whole life. It was tiny, intimate and on the first floor of a normal, but seedy house. Only like 50 folks were there. I'm not sure if people actually live in it. Upstairs was completely trashed.....but it all added to the beauty of the experience and the performances. Here are just a couple pictures I took with my digi monster. More coming very soon, after I make my way up to Wallgreens to drop off my film. - Kebah

Tamarin (first pic), played first.

Ramona Cordova (second pic) played second. Beautiful set. Everyone was sitting on the floor. And everyone sang together. Ineffable. You just had to be there.

And I didn't really take any digi monster pictures of Diane Cluck....it's all on the exposure lane. But man, she was GREAT.