Psyched Out

I remember when I fell in love with the Raveonettes.  I was watching TV in my grandpa's basement and I heard their music.  I was hooked.  In 8th grade, I named my first serious guitar, a Schecter diamond series blackjack, after Sune Rose Wagner.  The Schecter's black body, dark wood neck, black pearl in-lays and thin, creamy white edges reminded me of the sleek, yet, bad-A Rave album Pretty In Black (my favorite.)  But before the Raveonettes invaded my pre-teen ears, Sune Rose Wager was the frontman of the grungy Psyched Up Janis.  Though, the Raveonettes have gotten much more attention, Psyched Up Janis is pretty great.  A lot of their material is on Youtube, including their first single whose title is the refrain "I Died in My Teens."  Me too, Sune.  Me too.

"I Died in My Teens" is as quintessential as Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot."

The guitar on "Vanity" still sounds so relevant.  My mom loves this kind of rock.