National Forest

From Mikah Sykes, to Mikah Sykes and the Pearly Everlasting, to the Pearly Everlasting, back to just Mikah Sykes to, now, National Forest.  Though the name change has  not been officially approved by the other half of the duo, Willis Ransom, Mikah shared:
"I have reconnected with my old bandmate Willis; he was in Little Two's with me and Emily Kokal from Warpaint. anyway, my upcoming album will be a collaborative affair with him. we are going to use what i've recorded so far, and finish it together, plus his songs. We have 3 or 4 albums of material that is album ready as a duo; don't know if we'll do one at a time or a massive- mulit-disc release."
This is not the last of Hook and Line Mikah coverage.....expect some more good stuff in June *hint hint wink wink*

On another note,  Mikah was nice enough to write up a really awesome playlist for us to include in the latest issue, which is available here.