The first song off of Barn Nova, MV&EE's latest Ecstatic Peace release, is called "Feelin’ Fine". It sets a very light atmosphere with amorphous and sharp angled guitar parts layered on top of each other; all of which are driving the song while the indecipherable echo-ish vocals and their subsequent "lalalas" take shotgun.

The next track, "Get Right Church", serves as the records most rhythmic. It begins with a fuzzy and misleading riff that breaks off into drums and then a somewhat sparse and funky groove.  "Snapperhead" is beautifully dreamy and simplistic. It has a calming and astral vibe. The lyrics are sentimental and lulling. And the guitar, as I'm beginning to see a common trend, once again has that very sporadic kind of spontaneity while still being juxtaposed with a more constant underlying consistence.
Next is my absolute favorite song on the album: "Summer Magic". It is, indeed, magical and enchanting. It reminds me of the pressure of being submerged under water. An aqueous entanglement with summer nostalgia. I listen to it, saturated by the track's weight and exuberant guitar; while Matt's vocals linger at the bottom of the layers. I happen to think that this song would be quite appropriate for any really, disgustingly hot and uncomfortable evening. It would appease your discomfort by simply embracing the heat's intensity. Opposite of the song's lyrics, summer magic does exist while this is floating through the air.

Now I’m skipping over "Wandering Nomad" to my other favorite. That is, "Bedroom Eyes". It's 11 minutes; the longest on the record. I'm inclined to say that it's a continuation of Summer Magic's alchemy. Very Very similar sensation to it. Though, this one's base line is a lot more prominent and intricate. And, too, I think this track on a whole has a lot more turns and curves and rises and falls in it.

The last couple tracks are "Fully Tanked" and "You Feel". "Fully Tanked" is a sweet little love song as well as the most straightforward; "You Feel" is instrumental. I could go on, but you should  just go buy the record.

Note: To me this record is a real meditation on guitar sounds and melodies as it's hard to hear any lyrics except for on a few tracks. This is good. Also, you'll notice that the songs are organized like a sandwich, the heaviest stuff in the center. Please enjoy and savor the meal.