ISSUE 03: Interviews with Laura Veirs, The Esther Caulfield Orchestra, Thieves and Christine Hale

So this is a real special issue for Jocelyn and I. It's the first one with human being on the cover and the first one with all original pictures and art (we met Larua Veirs for a cover shoot!!!). There is still a tree on the first page though. We couldn't resist. It features interviews with Christine Hale, The Esther Caulfield Orchestra, Thieves, and Laura Veirs (her new album comes out in January). It also has a few record reviews and another list of song reccomentdations for winter. We really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

-Jocelyn and Kebah

p.s. We haven't gotten the copies back from the printers yet...but they should be available within the next week or so! And we'll probably make more copies of ISSUE 01; Hook and Line t-shirts are on the roster as well.