Seeing as it's 1:00 am, Turkey Day has officially passed. But I had to leave you guys with a little something special...just in case your feeling kind of lazy after downing six plates of your grandma's finest.~kebah

To me, photography is about freezing a moment perceived as beautiful or intriguing in the eyes of the artist. How can one TRULY capture the sentiment of an experience in a single frame? I sometimes feel as if a picture would be more accurate if it could somehow also show the peripheral aspect of a moment. But, for some odd reason, I never feel this way with Neil Krug. His photos always give off this overwhelming sense of authenticity, nostalgia, warmth and truth. Here are some of my favorite shots by him.

Anyways...these photos do not suffice. You must check out his Flickr...every image will leave you inspired. And this is a commercial for his book PULP ART.

p.s. Devendra Banhart's show was fabulous on Tuesday...had a lot of fun...wish I took my camera. AND AND AND, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR ISSUE 03...IT'S GOING TO BE SOOOO COOOOOOL!